Monday, August 26, 2013

Green Coat #5, Detroit

Green Coat #5, Detroit

The water, the empty buidings of downtown, and the city's bankruptcy makes possible an artist to live cheaply in a hip town with like minded people of all ages. When I think of living in Detroit though, I imagine myself being ultra vigilant to my surroundings.
I'm so intrigued by the arts community in Detroit now (NY Times article). Up and coming young artists who will take Detroit up off the ground, I hope. If you are a young artist, you might want to consider moving there. Rent is cheap and you would work side by side with some of the most contemporary creatives around. 
I see a total art movement kind of like the art renaissance moving to NYC in the early 1900's.


"Artists have flocked to cheap rents and have converted shuttered storefronts and abandoned buildings into studio spaces and galleries as private money has poured into the local art scene. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation began a $19.25-million commitment to local arts projects last fall, the Kresge Foundation has awarded annual fellowships to artists since 2009, and Red Bull opened its first domestic House of Art, an emerging-artist incubator, here in May 2012." NY Times

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