Friday, March 20, 2015

Endangered - Extinct Butterfly Series

I created the Endangered ~ Extinct Butterfly Series since few people think of butterflies as being endangered or extinct. This series also informs the community about effects on extinction by human and commercial development on butterfly habitats by the growth of cities, industry and agriculture. Through the use of color and line, and using liquid acrylics and painting techniques on Yupo, I hope to bring to life not only the butterfly but its environment. 

Monarch Butterfly
Danaus plexippus

The Monarch butterfly is endangered and lives in the US and Mexico. Climate change threatens to disrupt the monarch butterfly’s annual migration pattern by affecting weather conditions in both wintering grounds and summer breeding grounds. Colder, wetter winters could be lethal to these creatures and hotter, drier summers could shift suitable habitats north.

Adonis Blue Butterfly
Polyommatus bellargus

The Adonis Blue butterfly is endangered of becoming extinct. Its natural habitat is found in grasslands in Europe, Russia, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.  It has been rapidly declining because its habitat has been disappearing or becoming coarse and shady through a lack of grazing.

Peacock Butterfly
Aglais io

The Peacock butterfly lives in Europe and Asia. It is endangered of becoming extinct even though it is expanding its range. It can be found in woods, fields, meadows, pastures, parks, and gardens, and lowlands.

Blue Buckeye Butterfly
Junonia coenia

The Blue Buckeye butterfly is endangered of becoming extinct. It is found in Canada, US, and Columbia. It likes opens areas like fields, meadows, pastures, and coastal dunes. Although blue is often seen in the spots on Buckeye butterfly wings, a Buckeye with blue background on its wings is quite unusual.

Lange’s Metalwork Butterfly
Apodemia mormo langei

Lange’s Metalwork butterfly is found in the US and mainly in California. Its habitat is dunes which have been diminishing because of human development in those areas. It is considered endangered

Homerus Swallowtail Butterfly
Papilio homerus

The Homerus Swallowtail is found only in forests in Jamaica and is considered endangered due to habitat loss and potentially also from collecting. Death has also been due to parasitic wasps in disturbed habitats.

Richmond Birdwing
Ornithoptera richmondia

The Richmond Birdwing butterfly lives in subtropical rainforest in Australia. It is endangered of becoming extinct. Its rainforest habitat has been extensively cleared with less than one per cent of the original area still in existence.

Xerces Blue Glausopsyche
Glaucopsyche xerces

The Xerces Blue Glausopsyche is extinct due to human disturbance. This butterfly lives in North America. It formerly inhabited sand dunes until this habitat was almost entirely destroyed by urban development.

Mountain Apollo
Parnassus Apollo

The Mountain Apollo butterfly is vulnerable to becoming extinct. Over-collecting, habitat change, climate change and acid rain have been implicated in this species decline. It is mainly found in Europe.

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