Ginny Merett is an award winning, multimedia artist from Lexington, South Carolina. Always the artist, Ginny’s musical parents encouraged artistic explorations and gave her the freedom to create. She constantly sewed, created lots of drawings, and always searched for something to make.

Through school, she did not have formal art instruction until the high school years but took private art lessons at age 8. During high school she attended a different school every school year, sometimes two, enrolling in art at every opportunity. Her art was important before but as an adolescent, it sustained her. She continued studying art in college and because of its important in her education, she felt called to teach others.

Ginny worked as a teaching artist for 30 years in all grade levels from preschool, elementary, secondary and college and graduate levels; all the while raising two kids, earning two master's degrees in education, and continuing her own art work of painting murals and fulfilling commission pieces for businesses and private clients. Nowadays you’ll find Ginny in her home studio with the studio dog where she’s still sewing, making, creating, and preparing for the next artistic adventure.